Waiting for The Diva of Wooster Street’s fashionably late New York-style arrival ...
“50 years of free parking” at beautiful, old Wooster Square

St. Andrew
Patron Saint of the City of Amalfi

O God we entreat you that as Saint Andrew your Apostle was in this world a zealous preacher of your Holy Land, and a ruler of your church, so now in Heaven may He constantly intercede with you for us; this we ask through Christ our Lord who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit, God forever. Amen.

St. Andrew the Apostle
The miracle that happened and saved Amalfi from the
famous privateer Ariadeno Barbarossa on June 27, 1544

The Diva performs (and performs and performs ... ) accompanied by Tony & Lucille's unrelenting accordionist
Beth and Bill – “Surprise me!”
The Diva is finally allowed five minutes in which to steal some of Hymie’s dinner, while Gayle considers the possibility that we might be a couple hours ahead of schedule
Happy Anniversary to Gayle and Joe, Harwinton’s funnest couple
Still at it after 29 years – gotta luv ’em!
The Diva entertains the after-hours crowd and the festa musicians—at Tony & Lucille’s insistence—while being fed the words to an aria ... hey, nobody’s perfect, ya know
One of the festa performers gives The Diva a momentary break